„Beautiful and bright it should be on the surface, feathery and evanescent, one colour melting into another like the colours on a butterfly's wing; but beneath the fabric must be clamped together with bolts of iron. It was to be a thing you could ruffle with your breath; and a thing you could not dislodge with a team of horses.“ – Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse, 1927

We seek questions and approaches to the complex architectural tasks that present themselves as relevant to our society.

The profile of the architect, who is educated at the Kunstakademie, is uncompromisingly humanistic. They are called upon to innovatively and competently acquire a generalistic understanding of planning and building, in order to lead and integrate future tasks and many participants.

The focus of the education is an artistic, design, theoretical, but also craft competence. The unique role of design in the areas of building design, urban planning, contextual interaction in the country and in the city, sustainable thinking as well as aesthetic aspirations is practiced and strengthened in the architecture class with various typologies. The work in the design classes is complemented interdisciplinarily with scientific, art and architectural historical as well as philosophical discourses and forms the basis of a critical examination, from which the individual strength of the students is formed. The design confrontation is facilitated by the intensive exchange of students with their professors. The architecture class aims for a ratio of 10 students to one teacher. An extraordinary education that is only possible in this form at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. It has enjoyed a spiritual and spatial connection with the Fine Arts classes for almost 250 years. To be able to aspire to membership in the Architects' Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Academy offers a seminar with a certificate of achievement in the subject of building law for the first academic year.

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