The Rectorate consists of the Rector, the two Vice-Rectors, and the Chancellor.

The Rectorate manages the academy in accordance with the "Kunsthochschulgesetz" (Art Colleges Act) and the academy’s "Grundordnung" (basic regulations). It makes decisions on all matters not assigned to any other university organ by the Higher Education Act.

The Rector represents the university internally and externally. They chair the Rectorate and establish the principles by which the university should be governed. They are the superior authority for the artistic and academic staff and are responsible for the artistic concerns of the university, the development and implementation of goals and perspectives for future work, the public profile of the institution, and the liaison with partners and sponsors.

The Chancellor is a member of the Rectorate and, as such, manages the administration. They are the superior authority for the technical and administrative staff, responsible for budgetary matters, and represent the Rector in legal and administrative affairs.

Rektor*in  Donatella Fioretti
rektorin [​at​]

Prorektor*innnen Dr. Sara Hornäk
Didaktik der Bildenden Künste
Raum Rh 101
Tel.: 0211/1396-435
sara.hornaek [​at​]

Prof. Thomas Grünfeld
Raum 013/014/322
Tel.: 0211/1396-241
thomas.gruenfeld [​at​]

Sekretariat Rektorat

Christiane Weiser
Raum 103
Tel.: 0211/1396-217
christiane.weiser [​at​]

Assistenz der Rektorin

Selina Redeker
Raum Rh305
selina.redeker [​at​]


Johanna Boeck-Heuwinkel
Kanzlerin_KAD [ at ]

stellv. Kanzler*in

Jana Weißflog
Raum 131.2
Tel.: 0211/1396-214
Jana.Weissflog [​at​]

Assistenz Kanzler*in

Simone Degner
Raum 131.3
Tel.: 0211/1396-221
simone.degner [​at​]


Aula der Kunstakademie, Foto: Babette Bangemann