Staff Council for Artistic and Scientific Employees

The Staff Council for artistic and scientific employees is legitimized by the employees' election to represent their concerns and interests at the collective level towards the head of the department. The Staff Council works according to the "Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz NRW" (State Personnel Representation Act of North Rhine-Westphalia) and has, for example, initiative, monitoring, or participation rights regarding working conditions or personnel-related measures.

Ruth Groß (Vorsitzende)

Raum 315
Tel.: 0211/1396-251 oder -264
ruth.gross [​at​]

Bernhard Kucken

Raum 022
Tel.: 0211/1396-280
bernhard.kucken [​at​]

Axel Kreiser

Raum A006
Tel.: 0211/1396-301
axel.kreiser [​at​]

Staff Council for Technical and Administrative Staff

The Staff Council of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf is elected by all employees in the technical and administrative areas for a term of office of four years. It currently consists of four members.
The Staff Council's work is based on the "Landespersonalvertretungsgesetz NRW" (State Personnel Representation Act of North Rhine-Westphalia), which leads to different participation facts in the decisions of the head of the department, such as co-determination in hiring employees and civil servants.
The Staff Council represents the social and personal interests of the employees and civil servants within the framework of their working and service relationships. It is the direct contact person for all employees in the technical and administrative area.

Der Personalrat

Raum 300
Tel.: 0211/1396-239
personalrat-verw. [​at​]

Sofia Pantiou (Vorsitzende)

Raum 203
Tel.: 0211/1396-318
sofia.pantiou [​at​]

Volker Werry (Stv.)

Raum 203
Tel.: 0211/1396-321
volker.werry [​at​]

Nathalie Langer

Raum 101.3
Tel.: 0211/1396-213
nathalie.langer [​at​]


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